s v L V TELEVISION: Parenthood							Co-Star				NBC, Lawrence Trilling Charmed								Co-Star				WB, Stuart Gillard  The Gilmore Girls						Co-Star				WB, Michael Zinberg The Days of Our Lives					Recurring				NBC, Phil Sogard, Albert Alarr Attack of the Show						Recurring				G4, Blair Butler The Playbook							Co-Star				SPIKE TV, Ivan Dudynsky  The Young & The Restless					Co-Star				NBC, Sally McDonald One Life to Live							Co-Star				ABC Passions								Co-Star				NBC   FEATURE FILM *: The Arcadian							Supporting			Dekker Dreyer/Fringe Majority A Girl, A Guy, A Space Helmet				Supporting			Mike Timm/All Seeing I Productions I’m Through With White Girls				Cameo				Jenn Sharp/Turn Soul Films Love Sick Diaries						Lead					Michael Ahuja/Ola Pictures That Night								Supporting			A.J. Wedding/Momentum Enterprises Tumbling After							Lead					J.B. Tallyrand/Monkey Kingdom Prod.  Time & Tide								Lead					Michael Carvaines/MiCar Productions The Last Bad Neighborhood				Lead					Mark Duncan/NCK Films Death’s Door							Supporting			George Scileppi/DD Productions Gettin’ Lucky							Supporting			Mike Andrews/Jones Films Scarecrow III: Scarecrow Gone Wild			Lead					Brian Katkin/Urban Girl Productions Pissed, AKA In the Blink of An Eye			Supporting			Jaime Gomez/Lifeforce Indy-Films  THEATRE *: (Select Regional NY/LA)  A Streecar Named Desire, dir. John McNaughton		Lead			Lillian Theatre, LA (w/Juliet Landau) First Nights, dir. John de Lancie						Lead			Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Romeo & Juliet, dir. John de Lancie					Lead			Pasadena Civic, LA Danny Boy										Lead			Mark Taper Forum, LA Toyota Youth Shakespeare, dir. John De Lancie			Lead				Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, LA The Burnt Woman of Harvard						Lead			Inverse Theatre Co, NYC  *further list of independent films and theatre credits available upon request TRAINING: Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts,  London Academy of Theatre: 							BFA Graduate  Scene Study, On Camera: 								Meisner, Margie Haber, Seydways Studios  Improv/Comedy:									The Groundlings, Improv Olympic, UCB,  Member of Theatre of Note							Chicago City Limits  SKILLS:  Advanced:  	Improv & Sketch Comedy, dialects: (British RP, Irish, American Standard, Southern, NY, Slavic) Intermediate: 	Yoga, Swimming, Running, Dance (tap, swing), Stage Combat (3/4 staff, rapier, hand to hand) Random: 		Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant; Author, Local Hire throughout USA HOME TALENT CONTACT ABOUT L Tara Platt Virginia
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